For the longest time, I’ve used the only Buffer to schedule my post on all my social media including Instagram, but lately, I’ve been using Planoly.

I had heard about Planoly for the longest time and resisted it. Mostly because I didn’t want to have one more tool in my workflow. I finally gave in to Planoly. Because I wanted a tool that allowed me to view my Instagram feed ahead of time.


Most Important thing first: Pricing

Planoly starts our free for one Instagram account. This allows you to preview your feed on the app, organize it and create hashtag groups for your posts.

There are two limits to the free plan: you can only upload photos and only up to 30 per month.

If you want unlimited uploads or to add a new profile you can upgrade to either the SOLO 7$/month plan or the DUO 15$/month plan, respectively. I’m really tempted by the Duo plan because it allows you to manage feeds at the same time but for now, I’m sticking with the free plan.


Why I love Planoly

There’re plenty of tools for posting to Instagram but here’s why I love Planoly and why you might want to at least check it out!

You can see what your feed will look like

Both on the computer and your mobile app you’ll be able to preview your feed and see exactly how your feed will look like. You can also drag and drop photos around to make your feed look just right, now and in the future.

You can create groups of hashtags

This is just brilliant! No more searching your notes for the right tags or have to hand type it. You can create different groups and add them to the post so they’re copied to together with your caption when you go to post it.

You can also…

Pre-write your captions

Upload your image, write your copy ahead of time so you won’t let that perfect caption idea slip away.

Schedule your posts

Want to post at a specific time? Schedule your posts on your calendar on the site and get a reminder on the app when it’s time to post.

You can check our Planoly for Free here! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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