business building mastermind

Join a group of women determined to change the world! A mastermind for your reality bending business plans!

A Mastermind Group for women looking to Own Their Power, Build Businesses and Change the World!

A Mastermind Group for women looking to Own Their Power, Build Businesses and Change the World!

great minds think alike!

Join forces with a group of amazing women and together build your businesses all while staying sane!


Just because you’re striking it out on your own, doesn’t mean that you can’t find a community of women to support you. These are the women you’ll turn too when you’re not sure what to do next, the women you’ll celebrate your successes with, the ones with you every step of the way through the ups and downs of running an online business.

Get the advice you need from Business owners just like you!

Every other Wednesday you’ll meet with your Mastermind group to share your challenges and accomplishments with each other. You’ll each get a chance to ask for feedback and advice on a specific problem in your business and then hear the advice of your fellow mastermind group members. Then you’ll all meet back over at our slack group to share the day to day of running your business. Together you’ll grow your business to new heights and have some laughs along the way! This is a safe space for you to share your truth with other entrepreneurs that know exactly what you’re going through! What are you waiting for? Come Join us!

Masterminds changed the way I approach my business! And they can change your business too! The value in masterminds is more than the community and support you find, it’s about seeing past the fog of running your business day-to-day and being able to look at the bigger picture of where you’re going next!. Don’t wait another minute, let’s do this!

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business building mastermind

Business Building Mastermind
Business Building Mastermind


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  • Learn from other entrepreneurs just like you as you grow your business together.
  • Keep each other motivated and accountable every day with our private Slack community.
  • Meet with a group of girlfriends bi-weekly to talk about your challenges and achievements.
  • As soon as you purchase you’ll get an email with instructions on how to get started.

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