I love Instagram stories! And I want you to love them too!

Instagram stories are the most amazing way to share your day to day with your Instagram peeps. You can share photos or videos and share what you are up to every day.

Here are the basics you need to know about Instagram stories:

  • Instagram stories show up at the top of your feed (you know those little circles with the lovely faces of the people you follow)
  • Each story lasts for 24h and then they are gone… FOREVER!
  • You can share photos and videos you take in the moment or the latest photos on your phone.
  • Once you select your photo or video you can add text, emojis or icons to your tags to it.


What I love to use them for:

You can share anything you want in your Instagram stories. It’s all about having fun with your content and not trying to be perfect. But here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Share your day and what you’re up to.
  • Let people know what your current offer is and where to find it.
  • Ask people questions that you want answers too (great way to start a conversation).
  • Do a quick tip video and share some of your wisdom.


And now… to the really important thing:

How the hell do I create an Instagram Story?

Where to find them:

Instagram stories can be viewed at the top of your feed. Just click one of those circles at the top and you’ll get to see the stories that the people you’ve followed are creating today.

Where to find your Instagram Stories

How to create my first story:

When on the Instagram feed slide to the right and you’ll be taken into the magical world of creating Instagram stories.

Swipe right to start creating

Here you have several options. You can any of these types of content:

  • Live Video
  • Normal (either a photo or video: to create a video click and hold)
  • Boomerang (something similar to a GIF where you record a video that loops)
  • Rewind (a video that plays backward)
  • and Hands-Free (this will allow you to record a video without having to hold the button)


Once you take your picture or record your video you’ll be able to add icons, tags and text with the icons on the top right corner.

Click next when you’re done and select to who you want to send the story. If you want everyone to see it just select the “Your Story” option and click send.

Now when you visit your profile you’ll see a lovely rainbow around your photo.

Now go out and create your first Instagram story! And don’t forget to tag me @tiger.cat.studio I’d love to see your first story!

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