I’m a bit of an Instagram groupie, but Instagram isn’t one size fits all. Is it right for your business?

It may be tempting to dive headfirst into the new trends, no matter what they are. But I want to encourage you to take a step back and ask yourself: Is this right for me and my business?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms. It just reached 2 Million monthly advertisers. This makes it definitely a tempting platform to invest both time and money. But just because something is there doesn’t mean you should be using it.


How to see if Instagram is Right for Your Business

Here are 3 steps to decide whether you should be spending time on Instagram, or for that matter any platform.

1 – Is your client there?

The first thing you need to figure out when deciding whether to join a new platform or not is if your ideal client is even there.

Here’s some info about Instagram, who’s there and why:

People on Instagram are looking to be inspired and discover things that they care about.

There’re also over 15 million business profiles on the platform.

So chances are that your client is in there, but are they looking for your type of content? Are you looking to inspire your audience or offering a product that they care about? (I say product because Instagram is visual and it’s a lot easier to sell a product using images than a service).


2 – Do you have the ability to create the content?

Instagram is all about great images! So if you want to shine on Instagram you need to take a step back and think:

Can I create the content that I need for this platform?

If you want to be on Instagram you’ll need to be able to create or take:

  • Engaging photos
  • Inspirational images or graphics

And if you honestly don’t have the time or the ability to create this content consistently then maybe this isn’t the right platform for you.


3 – Are you getting clients through it?

When you’re growing your business this might not be a hard no, however, the amazing Brit Kolo from the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast made this point recently that hit home for me:

Focus on the places where you are already getting clients!

How do clients find you right now? Are they reaching you via referrals? Facebook groups? Guest posts?

However, you’re finding your clients right now should be your main focus. That doesn’t mean you can’t try new things but make sure you’re not forgetting the tried and true.


New technologies are always showing up. Learning to evaluate them as they come, and figure out if they’re right for your business will allow you to keep your focus where it needs to be.

What platforms have proven the most valuable for you at the moment? Looking for someone to help you show up more consistently? Send me a message.

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