How was your Christmas? No, really, tell me I want to know!

Christmas this year was quite different for me. Since we’re travelling I spent Christmas day with my hubby and our two cats. We went to the nearby town for a short walk and then returned home to enjoy a good book and relax.

I usually have two books that I’m reading. One fiction book that I read before going to sleep and one non-fiction that I’ll read throughout the day in little junks whenever I have a chance.

With the Christmas feel still in the air I’ll be reading a bit more these next few days so I thought I’d share with you what’s currently on my reading list and ask you: What are you reading this Christmas season?


Non-fiction: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

This is a massive book! And there’re so many good nuggets throughout the book. There’s also a lot that doesn’t fit me or my lifestyle, but that’s okay. The beauty of this book is that you can pick and choose what to apply in your life.

If you’re going to dive into this bible there’re two things I’d advice you to do:

  1. Take notes! Whether you’re reading a digital or physical version, underline what resonated with you, bookmark particularly useful chapters and make sure to write down your takeaways.
  2. Take action! If there’s a particular habit or framework that you’d like to implement into your life, don’t wait! Take action on it right away and implement what you’re learning!

I’ve been enjoying this book a lot and have already implemented several habits from it, it’s the kind of book I’ll probably return to several times. Once I’m done with this I’ll probably dive into Tim’s new book Tribe of Mentors.


Fiction: Orix & Crex by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is one of my favourite writers of all times! Here distopias are so powerfully written and envelop you in worlds that although far from hours feel possible and real. Margaret calls her work Speculative fiction, a kind of fiction that bases itself on current realities and technologies. That’s exactly what makes her books so powerful, the knowledge that the necessary blocks for her worlds exist in our world.

If you’ve never read any of her books start with the Handmaid’s Tale. I guarantee it will send a shiver down your spine that you won’t soon forget!


These are the books that I’m currently cosying up on the couch with. What are you reading? What’s a book that you think I need to read?

I’m always looking for new books to add to my evergrowing collection!

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