I’ve used multiple CRM over the course of running my business. Some did the only email, others managed your client list but not much more. But none of them worked well for me until I found Dubsado. Dubsado merges all the best features of several CRM’s into a beautiful easy to use interface! And you know I love me a great interface!


But Dubsado is more than a pretty face. It’s a powerful tool for you to run your business, here’s what it can do:


Send and Sign Contracts

Create beautiful contracts with ease and have your clients sign electronically. No more printing or scanning required. If you’ve ever had a client take a month to sign your contract because the printer was broken then this will change your life. I’ve sent out contracts and had them sent back to me within the hour! Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Send Invoices and Get Paid

Dubsado connects to all major payment processors making it easy for your clients to pay you directly from the invoice. You can connect with: Paypal, and Stripe or Square, and the best part? Dubsado doesn’t take any of your money! All you pay is the standard commission for the payment processors, and that’s it!


Calendar Integration

You get to sync Dubsado with your favourite calendar, so you never miss a task or event. You can connect with google calendar or iCal and since the goes both way you can then see all your tasks either in Dubsado or on your calendar.


Canned Emails

This is one of my favourite features, you get to create templates for your emails so that the next time you need to remind a client of the invoice, send a contract or ask for a testimonial you have all those templates one click away!


Your Own Branding

You’ve worked so hard on your brand and it’s only fair that your invoices and proposals are branded to match. Dubsado not only allows you to brand your whole system to match your brand but you won’t find any mention of them on the contracts, emails and invoices you send to your clients. You’ll look like an absolute pro, that has all of her ducks in a row and no one will know that you’re using this awesome system!


Mobile Friendly

If you’re always on the go this will be a great plus for you! Not only will you be able to send contracts and invoices from the mobile site your clients will also be able to review all the info, sign and pay for their mobile device. There’s also an app on the way, which I just can’t wait to see! (cause I just know it will be amazing!)


Send Forms and Questionnaires

Need your new leads to send you some details before booking a call? Do you have content to send to approval or design options to share? Dubsado allows you to create forms and questionnaires so that your clients can send you the info you need and give you feedback without all those messy emails and attachments.


Manage your Clients

This is where you’ll keep everything you need to know about your clients, from contact information to emails sent you’ll know exactly where you stand with each client and you’ll never have to search for that email from that one client in your inbox ever again!


Client Portals

These are great if you want to give your clients a place to go to view their contract and invoice information. So next time a client asks you for a copy of the contract or that one invoice you can just direct them over to your client portal.



For me, this is where Dubsado really shines! You can create a workflow that takes your client step by step from the moment they reach out to you until they’ve signed your contract and paid.You can also set it up to send thank you notes and testimonials requests to your past clients. It all gets done automatically so you can focus on other things.


Payment Schedules

Do you take your payment at a specific time or moment of your project? You’ll never have to send that out manually again! With Dubsado, you get to set up payment schedules so that whatever your schedule is all invoices are sent out automatically at the right time.


Simple Bookkeeping

If you are in the US then you’ll love the simple system for categorizing and reviewing your invoices and income. I particularly love the little graph with projected and actual income, unfortunately, I still need to use a separate for tax purposes but this is where I check if my business is actually making money!


Time Tracker

Ever wished you could track your time and then have an easy way to take those tracked hours and send them as an invoice to your client? Well, Dubsado does this and it’s super cool!



Last but not least the price. Dubsado costs 25$ per month or 250$ for a year. There are no packages with different access to features or premium options. That’s it one price for all the features.

Also, you get to try the full program for free for as long as you like, the only limitation is you can only have 3 clients/leads, but you still get all of your features!

Try it today here: dubsado.com

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