How to Make Money With DoTerra

The DoTerra Compensation Plan Explained.

Before we start talking about the DoTerra compensation plan, there are just a few terms for you to get familiar with:

PV – Product Value (close to $1 per product)
WA – Wellness Advocate
LRP – Loyalty Rewards Program (monthly auto-ship of products)

Now to the really important part! Watch the video to learn all about how you can make money with DoTerra and take a look below for a complete overview.

4 Ways to make money with DoTerra

Retail Bonus

You earn 25% of all your retail sales! You’ll get paid on this once a month!

Fast Start Bonus

For the first 60 days, you get 20% of everything your new WA buys (paid weekly).

Power of Three Bonus

If you enrol 3 WA that do 100PV per month you get paid $50. And more if your team does the same!

Unilevel Bonus

You earn more the more people are in your organization down through 7 levels.

Want to learn more about how to start making money with DoTerra?

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