A How to Guide to Instagram Stories

A How to Guide to Instagram Stories

I love Instagram stories! And I want you to love them too!

Instagram stories are the most amazing way to share your day to day with your Instagram peeps. You can share photos or videos and share what you are up to every day.

Here are the basics you need to know about Instagram stories:

  • Instagram stories show up at the top of your feed (you know those little circles with the lovely faces of the people you follow)
  • Each story lasts for 24h and then they are gone… FOREVER!
  • You can share photos and videos you take in the moment or the latest photos on your phone.
  • Once you select your photo or video you can add text, emojis or icons to your tags to it.


What I love to use them for:

You can share anything you want in your Instagram stories. It’s all about having fun with your content and not trying to be perfect. But here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Share your day and what you’re up to.
  • Let people know what your current offer is and where to find it.
  • Ask people questions that you want answers too (great way to start a conversation).
  • Do a quick tip video and share some of your wisdom.


And now… to the really important thing:

How the hell do I create an Instagram Story?

Where to find them:

Instagram stories can be viewed at the top of your feed. Just click one of those circles at the top and you’ll get to see the stories that the people you’ve followed are creating today.

Where to find your Instagram Stories

How to create my first story:

When on the Instagram feed slide to the right and you’ll be taken into the magical world of creating Instagram stories.

Swipe right to start creating

Here you have several options. You can any of these types of content:

  • Live Video
  • Normal (either a photo or video: to create a video click and hold)
  • Boomerang (something similar to a GIF where you record a video that loops)
  • Rewind (a video that plays backward)
  • and Hands-Free (this will allow you to record a video without having to hold the button)


Once you take your picture or record your video you’ll be able to add icons, tags and text with the icons on the top right corner.

Click next when you’re done and select to who you want to send the story. If you want everyone to see it just select the “Your Story” option and click send.

Now when you visit your profile you’ll see a lovely rainbow around your photo.

Now go out and create your first Instagram story! And don’t forget to tag me @tiger.cat.studio I’d love to see your first story!

How tools that post to Instagram for you actually work

How tools that post to Instagram for you actually work

Staying on top of your Instagram game can be a challenge. It’s still the kind of platform that requires a serious time commitment on your part and remembering to post to Instagram everyday can be hard. But as time goes on more tools are showing up to help you manage your Instagram with ease.

The top players on Social Media scheduling all support Instagram these days. Hootsuite, Buffer, and SproutSocial all allow you to schedule your Instagram posts using the platform. However, all three of these platforms have the same issue: they don’t actually post for you.

For all these tools you schedule the post and then get a notification reminding you to post at that time and copying the image and text for you to post manually on Instagram. The reason for this final manual step is that Instagram’s API (fancy name for rules for apps connected to the platform) does not allow you to post to Instagram from an App.

And now you tell me: But Sofia, there are apps that post automatically to Instagram for you! I know these apps are out there, but what you might not know is that none of these apps are secure.

How apps that post to Instagram for you actually work:

Apps like Schedugram and Buffergram will actually do the posting for you on Instagram and this all sounds great until you realize that in order to be able to do this they are taking your password and username and connecting to your Instagram so that they can then manually do the posting.

The reason why this isn’t secure is simple: you’re sharing you Instagram password with a company without any knowledge of who is actually login into your account to do the posting.

Think about it for a second: someone you don’t know is login into your Instagram account and posting for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about delegating and I do the Instagram posting for many of my clients but for me, there’s a big difference between you knowing exactly who is doing the posting and it being done by some anonymous person in some company somewhere in the world.

I want to know your opinion: Did you knew how these apps work? Are you okay with sharing your password with these companies?

Automate likes and comments on Instagram: Why I don’t do it!

Automate likes and comments on Instagram: Why I don’t do it!

Did you know you can automate likes and comments on your Instagram account?

There are several different apps and websites that will allow you to do this but here’s why I think you shouldn’t use any of them:

Because it’s not real!

Social media is all about connecting with other people. And when you “fake” that connection you’re robbing yourself and the other person in the equation of the real value of connecting with someone else online.

As advanced as these algorithms are they’re not perfect and without anyone to hold accountable how will you know what exactly what you’re liking?

Here’re a couple of examples of what I mean:

A couple of months ago I shared a photo on Instagram saying that I was sick and working so I could rest soon. Among the comments of real people wishing me better there was this: “That’s amazing! Keep it up!”. Not exactly what you want to hear when you’re feeling sick?

The other example is a bit more subtle. There was this blogger that always commented in every single one of my posts. Cool right? Except after a few weeks I noticed the comment was always the same: “That’s great!” every, single, time. What do you think? Automated or just lazy?


Now I know what you’re thinking, going trough Instagram liking and commenting on photos takes up a lot of time. But I truly believe that in the long run interacting with your clients and commenting on photos you like and creating real connections is truly worth it.


3 things I do every day on Instagram:

I love instagram, and I really enjoy spending time there. So here are the 3 things I do every day in both my Instagram feed and my clients:

  1.  Reply to every comment on your posts. It can be as simple as saying thank you.
  2. Go over my feed and like and comment on photos. I always try to say something that’s specific to that post.
  3. Then I look at hashtags I like to follow and like and comment on some posts there.

All this takes about 15 – 20 min. Not that bad, right?


What’s your biggest struggle in Instagram? What would you like to know about it?

We’re always learning and if I can figure something out to share with you I will!

Making Instagram Links Easy, Fun and Beautiful

Making Instagram Links Easy, Fun and Beautiful

If you have an Instagram account for your business then you know that one of the hardest things you need to do is change your bio link to fit with your latest post or offer. So here’s a short and sweet tip for making your Instagram links game so much easier.

For the past month, I’ve been using Linktr.ee. Linktr.ee creates a page for you where you can add as many links as you want to and then you just replace your bio link in Instagram with your Linktr.ee link.

Here’s how that link look: linktr.ee/tiger.cat.studio

Once you have your links set up and linked in Instagram you can also look at your links and see the exact click rate for each link.

Some links to consider adding to your Instagram Links:

  • Your latest blog post.
  • Link to your services page.
  • Freebies
  • and your Direct contact page.

Keep the link you most recently mentioned in an Instagram post at the top of the list so people can easily find it.

Want to try Linktr.ee? You can check it out and create your own link here: https://linktr.ee/

That’s all I have for you today. Hope it makes your Instagram life easier and a lot more fun.

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