Instagram is growing, but is it right for your business?

Instagram is growing, but is it right for your business?

I’m a bit of an Instagram groupie, but Instagram isn’t one size fits all. Is it right for your business?

It may be tempting to dive headfirst into the new trends, no matter what they are. But I want to encourage you to take a step back and ask yourself: Is this right for me and my business?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms. It just reached 2 Million monthly advertisers. This makes it definitely a tempting platform to invest both time and money. But just because something is there doesn’t mean you should be using it.


How to see if Instagram is Right for Your Business

Here are 3 steps to decide whether you should be spending time on Instagram, or for that matter any platform.

1 – Is your client there?

The first thing you need to figure out when deciding whether to join a new platform or not is if your ideal client is even there.

Here’s some info about Instagram, who’s there and why:

People on Instagram are looking to be inspired and discover things that they care about.

There’re also over 15 million business profiles on the platform.

So chances are that your client is in there, but are they looking for your type of content? Are you looking to inspire your audience or offering a product that they care about? (I say product because Instagram is visual and it’s a lot easier to sell a product using images than a service).


2 – Do you have the ability to create the content?

Instagram is all about great images! So if you want to shine on Instagram you need to take a step back and think:

Can I create the content that I need for this platform?

If you want to be on Instagram you’ll need to be able to create or take:

  • Engaging photos
  • Inspirational images or graphics

And if you honestly don’t have the time or the ability to create this content consistently then maybe this isn’t the right platform for you.


3 – Are you getting clients through it?

When you’re growing your business this might not be a hard no, however, the amazing Brit Kolo from the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast made this point recently that hit home for me:

Focus on the places where you are already getting clients!

How do clients find you right now? Are they reaching you via referrals? Facebook groups? Guest posts?

However, you’re finding your clients right now should be your main focus. That doesn’t mean you can’t try new things but make sure you’re not forgetting the tried and true.


New technologies are always showing up. Learning to evaluate them as they come, and figure out if they’re right for your business will allow you to keep your focus where it needs to be.

What platforms have proven the most valuable for you at the moment? Looking for someone to help you show up more consistently? Send me a message.

Social Media Engagement: When is the Best time to Post on Social Media?

Social Media Engagement: When is the Best time to Post on Social Media?

If you ever wanted more social media engagement, then chances are you’ve asked yourself this question:

When should I be posting?

If you do a quick search in google you’ll find a dozen of articles filled with all the theories of when you should be posting on social media.

“Post in twitter before 11 AM, Facebook after 2 PM” and so on.. Let me be very clear this DOESN’T WORK!

These posting times are industry averages nothing more. They represent the average times when people are the most engaged in a given social network. Sounds good right?

Here’s why that doesn’t work:

Average times for social media engagement might not line up with the proper engagement for your specific business.

There’s no point in you posting before 11 AM on Twitter if your audience is only showing up at 2 PM. You need to post when your audience is paying attention. not when everyone else is.

So when should you be posting?

I’m glad you asked. The best time to post for your social media is when you get:

The Most Social Media Engagement on your Platform

Now, this doesn’t mean when most of your audience is online. It means posting when your audience has the bandwidth to respond and interact with your content.

Sometimes the times where you have more “traffic” in social media isn’t the best time for you to get engagement. People are seeing your post, they just don’t have the time to interact with it because there’s just too much going on.

To find your times of most engagement there’re a couple of strategies you can try:

  • Look at your statistics and figure out when your times of peak engagement are (use the metric that is the most important for you, for example, likes, comments or clicks)
  • Test different times (if your statistics aren’t helpful it might be because you haven’t found that golden time yet, keep experimenting!)
  • Use Buffer (buffer has an automatic scheduling tool that goes offer your statistics and calculates the best times to post – this is a huge time saver!)


What’s the hardest part of planning your social media strategy for you?

Using your instagram stories to promote your offers

Using your instagram stories to promote your offers

I’ve said a couple of times before that Instagram stories are a great way to promote your offers. So here are three ways to do that!

If you’re not sure how to create an Instagram take a look at my how-to guide.


My top 3 ways to promote your offer on Instagram Stories:

Explain it all on Video

Tell people about your offer. Get on video and talk directly to your audience about what you’re offering and where they can go to learn more. You can do a live video or use the video feature on Instagram it’s up to you. When you’ve explained what your offer is to your audience send them over to your bio link to learn more and get in on the action!

Feature your landing page

You’ve worked hard on your landing page! I know you did! Take a picture of it with your phone (very meta I know) and let people know it’s live! Invite them to go check it out through the link in your bio.

Make a Series

This one can be a bit more work intensive but it doesn’t have to be. Create a series of pictures where you walk people through what your offer is and why they should get on it.

These are just 3 ways to share your offer with your audience using stories. Get inventive! And don’t feel like you have to use just one of these. In fact, I suggest you use all of them!

Go out to Instagram today and let people know what you’re up to!

What should you be sharing in your Instagram Stories?

What should you be sharing in your Instagram Stories?

Have I told you how much I love Instagram Stories? If you don’t know what Instagram stories are or how to create one, take a look at my blog post on how to create Instagram Stories here.

The number one question I hear from people is what should I post to my Instagram stories?

So today I wanted to go over my favorite types of Instagram stories and how you can use them for your business.

Practical tips and Tricks

Share your wisdom with your audience. Whether you’re making a quick video to let them know a new tactical tip for their life or taking a pic and sharing the step by step of making it happen you want to get practical.

Ask yourself: What could you teach your audience today? What piece of wisdom will you share?


Your Daily life

People want to know how you’re spending your days! They want to get to know you. Sharing bits and pieces of your day to day life with your audience will help you connect to them.

  • Take a picture of your workspace,
  • Share what you’re drinking today.
  • Let us know where you are going today.


Challenges and Gifts

What can you give to your audience? Run a challenge. Ask people to message you with something that is of value for you for a chance to win something exciting. What are you going to give to your audience?


Promoting your offers and events

Please don’t forget this one! It’s the most important one! At the end of the day, people want to know what you’re up to. Do you have a new product or service out? Are you gathering up people for your new thing? Ask people to join!

Record a video! Share an image. And tell people where to go to get into the action!


If you’re looking to set up a strategy for your social media let’s talk! I want to help you get there!

How to find ideas for your content!

How to find ideas for your content!

Finding ideas for your next blog post can seem like a daunting process at times. So today I wanted to share with you, my little secret place to find content ideas. You’ll never guess it!

But first let’s review why content is so important:

The content you create for your site, blog and social media is one of the main ways you can show your audience and clients that you know what you’re talking about. It helps you create a sense of authority in your field.

But content only works when you write for your audience and in a way, they will understand. But how do you find out what your audience wants you to talk about?

Here’s my secret weapon for finding great content ideas

Facebook Groups

What can be a better way to find out what your audience wants you to talk about than actually talking to them? Next time you answer someone’s question in a Facebook Group think to yourself: can I write a piece of content around this topic.

So tell me what is a question you’ve been answering online and how can you use it to create a piece of content for your business?

How automating can help your business grow!

How automating can help your business grow!

We’ve all heard it before. Automating processes and systems is vital for growing your business and creating more time in your day. The question is what should you be automating first?

The best place to start with automating or outsourcing your business is by passing along tasks take up a lot of time but don’t require executive decision making.

I’d suggest starting with content distribution.

Why content distribution?

Creating quality content is one of the most important parts of running your business and this is something I wouldn’t recommend outsourcing unless you’re working with an amazing copywriter that truly gets your brand. But distributing that content is another thing.

Think about it: You’ve spent hours writing your new blog post and you’re finally done. What if instead of now spending another hour adding it to your site, sharing it on social and optimizing SEO you could just send it to your VA and have them do all of that for you? How would that feel?

These are the things that if you start automating you can then focus on growth.

Ready to automate your content distribution? Let’s chat!

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