How to Create Great Content: A Step by Step Guide to show you the Way

How to Create Great Content: A Step by Step Guide to show you the Way

We used to say “Content is King”, and although that catch phrase has gone out of fashion content is still an important part of your marketing strategy. For that reason, you should always be strategic when creating content for your business.

What to keep in mind when creating content:


Your Audience

Never, ever, forget your audience. They’re the reason why you create content and you should always be crystal clear for who you’re creating that content.

Before creating a new piece of content take a step back and look at who your audience is how you can best serve it.


The Topic

Select a clear and specific topic for your content piece. This is vital for two different reasons: First, because having a specific topic that you’re covering will instantly make it more relevant. And Second, because once you know what you’ll be talking about you’ll know who you’ll be talking about. Is this someone who’s just finding out about you and what you do? Someone looking for ways to fix a specific problem? Or is it someone ready to invest in you and your business?

Knowing what your client is looking for will help you craft content that is just right for this person and where they are right now. And doing this right is what builds loyalty.


Make an Outline

What points will you cover? What are the headlines? Main goals and final conclusion?

Creating a clear roadmap and outline will help you once you actually create the content not just by taking the pain out of the process, but also by keeping you on track with the Topic you selected.


Once you’ve created the content it’s time to promote it and make it work for you. This is super important!

Your content is ready now what?


Promote and Distribute

You’ve created this amazing piece of content now it’s time to promote it. Share it on social media, email it to your list and generally spread it around the globe.

Here’s how I usually do it: I email the blog post out to my list as soon as it’s live and immediately share it on social media. Then I schedule it to go out on social media a week after I publish, two weeks and one month, this makes sure that your content works for you.

Analyse Results

How did your post do? Look at things like visits, leads generated, people subscribed and shares and likes on social. Taking the time to look back on your content and how it did might be a drag but it will help you to continue to improve your work and content.


What is the hardest part of creating content for your business?

How Many Times Should you Post on Social Media?

How Many Times Should you Post on Social Media?

How many times you post on Social Media is an important question if you’re aiming to use Social Media as a way to drive traffic to your website or your business.

The easy answer is Everyday!

But saying that you need to post everyday might not be enough so let’s take it a step forward.

The key for all that I’m about to share with you when it comes to frequency of posts is about consistency, so if you can’t make it consistent it’s better to do less but in a consistent way. Our goal with this frequency of posts is to have an active presence in these channels but also to be visible.

How many times to Post On Social Media a Breakdown:

Facebook – 3 Times a Day

Facebook is a great tool for sharing your blog posts, great images and short and sweet text updates. Posting 3 times a day will give you the opportunity to share a variety of content every day. Don’t be afraid to share older blog posts or content from other blogs that you love, just make sure to add a small description to your post and select great images to keep the engagement up.


Instagram – 3 Times a Day

I Looove, love, LOVE Instagram! Isn’t it just the coolest most fun platform ever? Okay 3 times a day is the goal, share a mixture of designed and real live images and don’t forget your stories and your hashtags! My personal way of doing this is always alternating between a real life and a designed image but there are a million different ways to do this, take a look at your Instagram heroes and see how they’re doing it!


Twitter – 20 Times a Day

I know, I know, you’re freaking out about this number, but don’t! The volume is necessary because twitter is a loud platform with lots of people talking but it doesn’t all need to be new all the time, in fact in twitter you can get away with repeating content. So here’s my trick: I post a mixture of reused and new blog posts, images and links from other blogs and only create content for the other networks that means that if I don’t have anything new for twitter I’ll just reuse the old and it works great.


Pinterest – 10 Pins per day

This on is easy, you’re probably already pinning more than this without realizing. Make an effort to add to the conversation by pinning your blog posts, images you create for other networks and posts you love from other sites.


I do my very best to keep to this schedule but I’m not perfect, so here’s my point: Do your best and be consistent with it! You can get away with posting only one piece of content per day if you make it really good and at the end of the day remember: you don’t have to be everywhere, pick your battles, or in this case your channels.

What your Mistakes can Teach You

What your Mistakes can Teach You

As a part of doing business and building your thriving online empire, you’ll make mistakes.

It’s bound to happen so there’s no point in worrying about it ahead of time. But knowing you’ll make mistakes in the process of building your business shouldn’t stop you. In fact, I’m of the opinion it shouldn’t even slow you down.


What your Mistakes can teach you

We all make mistakes. In life and business, there will come a time when you make a mistake. And maybe that mistake won’t cost you much, or maybe it will, but regardless of what the mistake might cost you, it has a lesson to teach you.

I know this all sounds a bit meta so let me give you two examples.

Practical things my mistakes taught me:

When I first set up my website I diligently created a contact page with a form so people and clients could reach out and email me. It’s common practice and if you don’t have one you should create one. However confident of my technical skills I didn’t test the form. It was only a couple of weeks later when a client emailed me asking why I hadn’t replied to their initial contact that I realized the form wasn’t working.

Lesson learned: Always test your forms. I mean: ALWAYS!

Life lessons learned:

Some mistakes will teach you best practices, some will teach you life lessons. Ages ago, or it least that’s how it feels, I had just gotten into college and traveled across the country to study. I was young and in love, and my boyfriend at the time was sad that I had “left him” join that with the normal college hazing and I made the rushed decision to quit college.

I spent the following year working before going back to college a year later much closer to home. Hadn’t I quit college initially I’d have a very different life, different friends, and a different profession. I wouldn’t change where I am right now but still, I cannot deny that quitting college for a relationship that ended soon after was a mistake.

What I learned: True love leaves space for growth and will always allow you, and your partner to follow their dreams. Don’t walk away from your dreams for a lover, friend or loved one, if they would leave because you chose to be you then they have no place in your life.


Why your mistakes shouldn’t scare you

Mistakes are a part of life. They will always be present and although you can try to avoid them you can never completely protect your life from them.

The trick is to do it anyway. Letting fear stop you from following your truth will only lead you away from your dreams, not towards them.


What are some of the mistakes you’ve made that taught you the most? And what is a mistake you’re scared of making and how could you release that fear?

Against the Odds I’m Still Here! Here’s what I learned.

Against the Odds I’m Still Here! Here’s what I learned.

It’s been 15 months since I started my business and billed my first client. (I can’t quite believe this myself!)

Had you asked me a year ago: if I’d be doing this full time within a year of starting my business. My answer would have probably been No!

I know that I’m good at what I do. But I had never thought I could grow this fast and support myself so soon after starting. There’s still plenty that I don’t know how to do. And I learn something new every day but I wanted to share a couple of things I have learned along the way.


What I’ve learned in 1 Year of Building my Business

Consistency is Everything

I tried to start a business before, many times before. (an embarrassing number of times, let’s not talk about that) What made this time different was consistency.

If you want to start a business you need to show up for it every single day. This doesn’t mean you need to sit for an hour at the desk every day, or maybe it does, it’s up to you. What it does mean is that if you really want to make this happen you need to do something every day to move the ball forward.

It doesn’t have to be perfect AKA Adjust as you Go

Creating your own business isn’t a perfectly organized process. Actually, it can be messy as hell, but that’s okay!

So when you’re starting your business don’t worry about making it perfect. Make it as good as you can make it right now. And then keep moving forward! Chances are you will change everything in a few months anyway so please do yourself and the world a favor and, as a wise woman once said, “Launch before your ready!

Not everyone is a right fit for you

If one lead doesn’t call back. If the one client never renews and if there are just some people that don’t get you that’s okay. Your business isn’t for everyone! It’s for the people who get it and most importantly the people who get you!

As long as you have clients who get you and people who keep coming back for more you’re doing great! Don’t spend too much of your time thinking about the people that don’t get it.

Embrace Growth

Everything is growth and this is all part of the journey.

There will be moments when you need to regroup, and times when you want to shift gears. There’ll be days of amazing growth and joy and days of pure sadness. This is all part of the journey called life. 

Keep living and remember you get to adjust your direction whenever you feel like it. It’s your life after all.

What are Long Tail Keywords and how do they work?

What are Long Tail Keywords and how do they work?

SEO, Long Tail Keywords and all the buzz words are running around in your head but does it all mean? Today I’ll be shedding some light on what are long tail keywords and how they actually work.

Whenever I talk SEO with my clients one of the key questions I get asked is:

What keywords should I be using?

As simple as the question might seem the truth is that the RIGHT keywords depend on who you want to reach and what you’re talking I would start with that.

So before you figure out what keywords you need to focus on start by asking yourself: who is your audience?

Once you know who your audience is then it’s time to get in their shoes and ask yourself what are they searching for. And that’s where your keywords will come from, from their searches.

And now that you know what keywords your clients are searching for then it’s time to turn those lonely words into Longtail Keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are just about getting specific and turning single words into a specific phrase that will be more specific and clearer than an isolated word.

So here’s an example: instead of using “be you” in you content it’s about using variations of that like: “becoming yourself” “being you” etc. These more specific words don’t just make your SEO more on target but also make your article more relatable to the people looking for it.

Whenever you’re creating a list of Keywords to use think about what other things someone would search for and use them to create your articles.

And if you’re using WordPress so they’re a couple of awesome Plugins that you can use for SEO. If you’re looking to learn more about SEO Plugins click here.

My Secret to Better Writing: Grammarly

My Secret to Better Writing: Grammarly

English is not my native language and for that, I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing. My favorite trick isn’t a writing class it’s an app: Grammarly.

Grammarly is an app that you can install on your computer as a software, your browser or your mobile devices. It will help you write better whether English is your first or second language by correcting misspellings fixing sentence construction errors and much more.

Why it’s better than other writing aids:

Any system you use will have some sort of dictionary or corrector attached to it, but for me, Grammarly is better than all of them together.

It catches errors others don’t and makes it easier to make corrections by prompting you with the best possible option.

So if you’re looking to write better in your blog posts, social media posts and emails then Grammarly is the tool for you.

Check out Grammarly here, and let me know what you think:

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