The most common question I get asked is: Should I hire a Virtual Assistant? The answer is probably yes, especially if you’re feeling tired and frazzled, but the question isn’t whether you should hire someone to help you in your business, the real question is: Is your business ready for it?

As entrepreneurs, we all wear several hats, but before we can start passing some of those hats along to others we need to make sure our business is ready for it.

Here’s what you need to have in place in your business before you hire your virtual assistant:

Brand Guidelines

These guidelines will be a valuable asset to your business, especially when you start delegating. They consist of your brand colours and logo but also your standards of communication and your brand voice.

When it’s time to pass tasks along to a VA you’ll be thankful to have these on paper as they’ll make it easier for your Virtual Assistant to create content and communicate in your brand’s voice.


Stable income

Is your business making you money on a consistent basis? Having a consistent income is the basis of any successful business and will allow you to build a relationship with your Virtual Assistant.

It takes time to build a relationship between you and your VA, and it takes time to connect with your brand, being able to pay your VA every month will allow you to compound the benefits of having a virtual assistant as you get to know each other and your VA gets to know your brand.



This is probably the hardest one for most of my clients: creating systems.

Systems are checklists and processes that help you run your business. Everything from client intake to publishing a blog. You probably do most of this instinctively, but having a checklist of how you do these things will not only make it faster for you to do them but also make it easier for you to delegate these tasks in the future.


Now if you don’t have all three of these steps in place, don’t freak out, you can still hire that help you’ve been craving, but try to have at least two of these in place. A VA can help you set up systems and maybe even write down what you know your brand is, but it will be hard to create a good relationship with your VA if you don’t have at least some of this in place.

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