Why it might be time to get serious with your Instagram account!

Why it might be time to get serious with your Instagram account!

Instagram has been growing consistently for the past years. It’s an amazing tool and personally, it’s my favorite social media platform of the moment.

If you’re not on Instagram yet it’s time to get in there. And if you’ve been playing around with it, it’s time to get serious. Whether you’re a coach, infopreneur or you have a business that sells products then Instagram is the place to be.

And once you’re on Instagram it’s time to make the move to a business account.

Why you need an Instagram Business Account?

Business accounts have several benefits and I’m sure that as Instagram grows and develops more will come. In the meantime here are the top ones:

Contact Information

You now get a contact button right next to your follow button so that people can get in touch with you in more ways than just the link in your profile page. You can add your email and/or phone number here giving your audience a new way to reach out to you.


Finally, you get to see the results from your work without having to go over to some other platform to see your reach and impressions. With the business account, you’ll be able to see all the details of your Instagram Analytics right on the app.

Ads & Promotion

With the business account, you get to easily promote your posts on Instagram, create ads and manage them all from your phone.


Convinced? It’s time to make that switch so how do you go about it?

Switching to an Instagram Business Account

Switching to a Business account is real easy!

First go to your Profile page, on the top right corner click the three little dots to access your definitions. Scroll down to the Account menu and click: Switch to Business Profile

Follow the step by step process to create your business account, you’ll be asked to:

  • Connect to your Facebook Business account
  • and add your contact information

And that’s It you’re all done! You’ll now have access to your page statistics and all of the business tools features that I mentioned above.

So now that you have your Instagram Business Account how will you work to make Instagram a valuable tool in your business?


I don’t do web design anymore. Here’s what I’d rather do instead!

I don’t do web design anymore. Here’s what I’d rather do instead!

If you know a little bit about me you might know that I studied and worked as a web designer for many years. But after I left my corporate job I stopped doing web design.

Why did I stop? It stopped feeling like it was of service to my clients.

Now don’t get me wrong. Website Design is a wonderful and complicated beast. And it’s undoubtedly necessary for growing your business, just ask the amazing Rachael Kay Albers, she knows her stuff!

But after years of working at an agency where all we did was design site, I was tired of watching client, after client, create websites that fell flat on their faces, that didn’t have any real strategy behind them and that ultimately didn’t create any value for the client or their company, I was done!

The truth is you might not need a professionally designed website just yet.

Before you go and hire a web designer and spend thousands on creating a top notch professional website, ask yourself:

  • Do you know what you want to sell and to who?
  • Have you defined your brand and brand messaging?
  • Do you have an idea of the path or funnel your clients will follow to buy from you?

If you don’t have these points figured out yet it’s definitely too early to hire a web designer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get an extra pair of hands to help you out.

I know that looking at those three bullet points above can be daunting and you can’t even begin to figure out how to create a funnel for your business. But it doesn’t need to be scary! The trick is to chop these tasks down into manageable bite size actions and create a plan for getting them done!

Why don’t I do web design? Because I much rather help you get all the pieces of your business running smoothly. So that you can grow with confidence!

Are you ready to grow your business and change the world? If you’re looking for someone to help you break down these big tasks and get them done with you then let’s chat.

Discovering your WHY

Discovering your WHY

Why are you doing this? How does this support your Happiness?

That’s the real question, isn’t it? Why you’re doing this whole “entrepreneur” thing. If you don’t have a real good reason for doing it then I can almost guarantee you that it will be hard to keep it up.

My why is Freedom and Service. The freedom to explore the world and meet new people (I’m learning Russian now) and the capacity to serve other women and entrepreneurs in creating a better world.

I believe that we all need more freedom in our life the freedom to live life in our own terms. And that freedom will ultimately help make the world a better place. Or how Linda so brilliantly put it “When we take responsibility for our own happiness we can through, bring happiness to the world as a whole.” (I’m paraphrasing here, but don’t take my word for it visit her site to learn more)

What is your Why? Or better yet what would bring you happiness? And in doing so bring about world peace.

How to Create Great Content: A Step by Step Guide to show you the Way

How to Create Great Content: A Step by Step Guide to show you the Way

We used to say “Content is King”, and although that catch phrase has gone out of fashion content is still an important part of your marketing strategy. For that reason, you should always be strategic when creating content for your business.

What to keep in mind when creating content:


Your Audience

Never, ever, forget your audience. They’re the reason why you create content and you should always be crystal clear for who you’re creating that content.

Before creating a new piece of content take a step back and look at who your audience is how you can best serve it.


The Topic

Select a clear and specific topic for your content piece. This is vital for two different reasons: First, because having a specific topic that you’re covering will instantly make it more relevant. And Second, because once you know what you’ll be talking about you’ll know who you’ll be talking about. Is this someone who’s just finding out about you and what you do? Someone looking for ways to fix a specific problem? Or is it someone ready to invest in you and your business?

Knowing what your client is looking for will help you craft content that is just right for this person and where they are right now. And doing this right is what builds loyalty.


Make an Outline

What points will you cover? What are the headlines? Main goals and final conclusion?

Creating a clear roadmap and outline will help you once you actually create the content not just by taking the pain out of the process, but also by keeping you on track with the Topic you selected.


Once you’ve created the content it’s time to promote it and make it work for you. This is super important!

Your content is ready now what?


Promote and Distribute

You’ve created this amazing piece of content now it’s time to promote it. Share it on social media, email it to your list and generally spread it around the globe.

Here’s how I usually do it: I email the blog post out to my list as soon as it’s live and immediately share it on social media. Then I schedule it to go out on social media a week after I publish, two weeks and one month, this makes sure that your content works for you.

Analyse Results

How did your post do? Look at things like visits, leads generated, people subscribed and shares and likes on social. Taking the time to look back on your content and how it did might be a drag but it will help you to continue to improve your work and content.


What is the hardest part of creating content for your business?

Own your Power and Change the World! Because you can!

Own your Power and Change the World! Because you can!

You have real POWER within you! As a human being on this earth, I know that you have the power to shape your world and the reality around you. We all do.

If you knew you could change the world how would you change it? How would you use your power?

Because you can! You can change the world, shape your reality and make a difference.

The way you lead your life will make a difference in the way the people around you see the world. You’ll shape their views of what is possible and realistic. You’ll show them just how much impact one person can have in the world and that will create a ripple effect that will make a real difference.

So take a deep breath and tell me:

How are you changing the world?

Stop saying you Can’t Figure it Out!

Stop saying you Can’t Figure it Out!

Just stop! I’m serious you need to stop saying to yourself and the world that you can’t figure stuff out. I get that some things are harder than others to learn, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn them.


Like the brilliant Marie Forleo says everything is figureoutable! You can figure it out!


When you say that you’ll never be able to figure out how to create a landing page for your business, or a Facebook ad or an email automation. You’re taking away your own power.

Because here’s the truth: if you really wanted to learn these things you could! What’s really happening is that you don’t want to invest the time to learn it. And that’s fine! In fact learning what to delegate and what to learn how to do yourself is the most important thing you’ll do for your business.


Here’s my point: Should you delegate? Yes definitely! Delegating is vital for your business! But never give away your power.


Always remember that you can always learn to do it yourself!

It’s time to do that thing you’ve been dreaming of. It’s time to stop delaying your big dream!

It’s time to do that thing you’ve been dreaming of. It’s time to stop delaying your big dream!

Have you ever had a dream that felt just out of reach?

Maybe because it’s too big, too scary, or just too hard.

I know just the feeling. I’ve been there too. But today’s post isn’t about delayed dreams. Today is about taking that big scary dream from our heart and bringing it into reality.

For years I have dreamed of road tripping across Europe. No real destination or time restraint. Just traveling and exploring this beautiful continent that I live in.

And for years I had delayed this dream.

But not anymore!

The time for delays is over. We took the plunge and dove head first into planning and making this dream happen. There were plenty of times when I doubted we’d ever get there, but now it’s official!

Our trip starts in 3 short months! And although there are still a million things to plan and prepare, I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ll still be working while I travel and my husband will be looking for odd jobs while trying to start his own business (send him some love over at talkyourmind.com)

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. What’s a big dream you’ve been delaying? And if you’ve ever gone on a road trip let me know your best tips and tricks.

Habits and Routines: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Habits and Routines: Setting Yourself Up For Success

One of the biggest challenges I’ve personally faced while becoming an entrepreneur and building my business from scratch has been: Time Management. It’s the most important thing to get a hang of if you’re going to set yourself up for success.

I know! You’re already bored!

But hear me out for just a second. We all have the same 24h a day to create our vision for our life and business. And if we’re going to turn that vision into reality then we need to create the habits and daily routines that will support us.

Creating your own habits and daily routines will set you up for success, no matter where in the world you are, or whatever the kind of craziness going on around you.

So today I want to share with you, my 4 Habits and Routines that help me get more done everyday.

4 Tips that will Set You Up For Success


The Bullet Journal

I’ve used every app out there, tried every tool you can name to organize my day and keep track of my tasks, projects and client work. But of all the tools I’ve used this low-tech tool is my absolute favorite: The Bullet Journal

I use a modified version of The Bullet Journal where I keep all my projects and client information as well as my daily logs. My journal is inspired by this amazing journal by @journalspiration.


Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a focus technique where you divide your tasks into 25-minute blocks. This allows you to stay focused on the task at hand for 25-minutes at a time.

The biggest benefit for me of the Pomodoro technique is the peace of mind of knowing that you can commit fully to the task at hand without the fear that it will take up all of your day.

If you’re looking for an app to implement this technique my personal favorite Be Focused, check it out if you’d like.


Work in a Proper Office Space

This has been vital for me! I used to work from home, in between cute cats and laundry it can be hard to focus. But my productivity went trough the roof when I started to work from at a local coworking space.

Having a space that is for work is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your productivity.


Music & Podcasts

Finally; to keep me focused and chipper all day long I listen to either music or some of my favorite podcasts. I do much better with something to listen to than I do with silence. But this is just my personal preference. 🙂

A How to Guide to Instagram Stories

A How to Guide to Instagram Stories

I love Instagram stories! And I want you to love them too!

Instagram stories are the most amazing way to share your day to day with your Instagram peeps. You can share photos or videos and share what you are up to every day.

Here are the basics you need to know about Instagram stories:

  • Instagram stories show up at the top of your feed (you know those little circles with the lovely faces of the people you follow)
  • Each story lasts for 24h and then they are gone… FOREVER!
  • You can share photos and videos you take in the moment or the latest photos on your phone.
  • Once you select your photo or video you can add text, emojis or icons to your tags to it.


What I love to use them for:

You can share anything you want in your Instagram stories. It’s all about having fun with your content and not trying to be perfect. But here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Share your day and what you’re up to.
  • Let people know what your current offer is and where to find it.
  • Ask people questions that you want answers too (great way to start a conversation).
  • Do a quick tip video and share some of your wisdom.


And now… to the really important thing:

How the hell do I create an Instagram Story?

Where to find them:

Instagram stories can be viewed at the top of your feed. Just click one of those circles at the top and you’ll get to see the stories that the people you’ve followed are creating today.

Where to find your Instagram Stories

How to create my first story:

When on the Instagram feed slide to the right and you’ll be taken into the magical world of creating Instagram stories.

Swipe right to start creating

Here you have several options. You can any of these types of content:

  • Live Video
  • Normal (either a photo or video: to create a video click and hold)
  • Boomerang (something similar to a GIF where you record a video that loops)
  • Rewind (a video that plays backward)
  • and Hands-Free (this will allow you to record a video without having to hold the button)


Once you take your picture or record your video you’ll be able to add icons, tags and text with the icons on the top right corner.

Click next when you’re done and select to who you want to send the story. If you want everyone to see it just select the “Your Story” option and click send.

Now when you visit your profile you’ll see a lovely rainbow around your photo.

Now go out and create your first Instagram story! And don’t forget to tag me @tiger.cat.studio I’d love to see your first story!

How Many Times Should you Post on Social Media?

How Many Times Should you Post on Social Media?

How many times you post on Social Media is an important question if you’re aiming to use Social Media as a way to drive traffic to your website or your business.

The easy answer is Everyday!

But saying that you need to post everyday might not be enough so let’s take it a step forward.

The key for all that I’m about to share with you when it comes to frequency of posts is about consistency, so if you can’t make it consistent it’s better to do less but in a consistent way. Our goal with this frequency of posts is to have an active presence in these channels but also to be visible.

How many times to Post On Social Media a Breakdown:

Facebook – 3 Times a Day

Facebook is a great tool for sharing your blog posts, great images and short and sweet text updates. Posting 3 times a day will give you the opportunity to share a variety of content every day. Don’t be afraid to share older blog posts or content from other blogs that you love, just make sure to add a small description to your post and select great images to keep the engagement up.


Instagram – 3 Times a Day

I Looove, love, LOVE Instagram! Isn’t it just the coolest most fun platform ever? Okay 3 times a day is the goal, share a mixture of designed and real live images and don’t forget your stories and your hashtags! My personal way of doing this is always alternating between a real life and a designed image but there are a million different ways to do this, take a look at your Instagram heroes and see how they’re doing it!


Twitter – 20 Times a Day

I know, I know, you’re freaking out about this number, but don’t! The volume is necessary because twitter is a loud platform with lots of people talking but it doesn’t all need to be new all the time, in fact in twitter you can get away with repeating content. So here’s my trick: I post a mixture of reused and new blog posts, images and links from other blogs and only create content for the other networks that means that if I don’t have anything new for twitter I’ll just reuse the old and it works great.


Pinterest – 10 Pins per day

This on is easy, you’re probably already pinning more than this without realizing. Make an effort to add to the conversation by pinning your blog posts, images you create for other networks and posts you love from other sites.


I do my very best to keep to this schedule but I’m not perfect, so here’s my point: Do your best and be consistent with it! You can get away with posting only one piece of content per day if you make it really good and at the end of the day remember: you don’t have to be everywhere, pick your battles, or in this case your channels.

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