There’s something to be said about learning as you go, about being curious. In fact, I’d argue it’s the only way to learn.

Before I became an Online Business Manager I worked as a Virtual Assistant for a year. Before that, I work at a company as a web designer and marketer. But there is some order to this chaos.

Where you come from doesn’t need to determine where you are going.

In the world of the internet, they’re plenty of skills that you can learn online. This doesn’t mean that I always know where I’m going next. The truth is that most of the times I’m simply following my curiosity. Not having a big master plan to where you’re going next doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck. You can use your curiosity as a compass to where to go next.

What is something that you’ve been curious about?

Maybe you haven’t pursued it because it wasn’t your field. Or because you feel it won’t serve you. I’d like to invite you to dive into these topics and follow your curiosity.

Maybe none of it will serve you. Maybe it will. But if you follow your curiosity I can guarantee you you’ll be having fun!

What have you been curious about but haven’t acted on? Where is your curiosity leading you to?

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