If only I had done a backup before hitting that damn update button!

You see I’m usually pretty tech savvy but this past week my blind trust in Apple has betrayed me! It was Sunday, I was on the bed pretending to work when the little “Would you like to update to the most recent version of OS?” question showed up on my MacBook’s screen. And I thought: “Why the hell not! I have nothing better to do”. I clicked the magical update button and that’s when it all when to hell in a handbasket.

The update stalled due to missing drivers and after reformatting the disk the online update also stalled. Result: my MacBook is currently as useful as a paperweight!

If only I had backed it up… if only… So lesson one girl:

Always have a backup!

Seriously, never skip this step! Whenever you’re updating any of your computers DO A BACKUP!

Actually, this is the only lesson in this post! Hear me out:

With my computer offline I could easily have been prevented to work until we find an apple store. Not the best situation when you’re travelling. But I’m still here working and writing this blog post. Why? Because I have other tools where I can do my work.

Namely my iPad Pro, that has saved my behind! And my hubby’s computer that I can steal when I need to do something that I just can’t do on the iPad.

All these technical problems got me thinking:

What do you do when plan A doesn’t work?

Do you have a plan B for the important things in your life? What if that new dream home you’ve been waiting to buy falls through? What if your car breaks down? What if… god forbid… your computer stops working?

Having a backup isn’t only important for your computer, it’s important for your life.

In my life having a backup means:

Having a tent with us so we can camp out if no homes are available for us during our trip.

Bringing my iPad on the trip so I can still work when the inevitable tech problem happens.

Knowing that if all else fails we can: get work washing dishes or stocking shelves somewhere or even sell the car and catch a plane back home.

What’s important for you? What’s worth having a plan B for?

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