I’m so excited to tell you about this tool! Automating your business is vital to save time and grow your business to the next level. And this tool is one of the most powerful tools to make it happen. And you know the best part? It’s free!


The name of this tool: Zapier

I know you’ve heard about it a million times. But here’s why I love it:

If you learn how to use Zapier the right way you’ll be automating your business and delighting your clients at the same time!

If you haven’t checked out Zapier, take a look at it. You’ll find most of the tools you already use and see how they can be connected to each other through Zapier!


I’m sure when you look at all the Zaps it all feels a bit overwhelming. So I’m going to show you the 2 Zaps I’m using to help me automate my business.


Automating lead generation

How do you take care of new leads?

My client intake process is a two-part:

  1.  You fill in a form with a few relevant questions
  2.  I send you a link to schedule a discovery call.

I was sending the link to schedule the call by hand. Now I have a zap connects my Typeform submissions and adds them to a MailChimp list which automatically sends out an email with the link to schedule a call.

One less step for me to do and one happy client with all that they need to talk to me and get started. 😀

Now let’s look at your lead generation process. What are you doing that you could automate if your different tools talked to each other?


Automating client intake

This is the second place where I spend the most time so it makes sense to look at where we can save some time here.

So here’s what that looks like for me:

  1. You purchase your package through my PayPal button.
  2. You’re redirected to the page to schedule your initial call.
  3. After that, I email you some housekeeping that needs to happen before the call.

This automation is a bit different. When you purchase a package you’re redirected to the page to schedule your call (you can set this up in your PayPal button). And then I created a zap that adds you to an email list when you pay on PayPal. Once you’re added to the list you’re sent an email with all the housekeeping items you need to get started.

Note: Paypal is a premium feature in Zapier but you can set up Zapier to read your email and recognize a PayPal email when it comes in.

What does your client intake process look like? What’s something you do for every client that you could be automating or creating a zap for?


So tell me what would be the first thing you’d automate in your business?

Not sure where to start? Send me a message and let’s see how you can start automating your business.

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