For Europeans youngsters: Erasmus +

There is nothing quite like traveling to a new country and learning about a new culture. It's probably clichê to say, but experiences like these open your horizons and show you new ways to look at the world. That's why I'd advice anyone to travel as much as they can...

The Color Turquoise and Things I love in this Color

I absolutely love turquoise. it's mix of blue and green makes it feel fresh and full at the same time. So I went on the hunt for some beautiful turquoise items for the home and for my day today. Here's a few of my favorite items of turquoise kitty-cat inspiration. Cat...

Finding Headspace and what it changed for me.

Meditation isn't for me! At least this is what I had been telling myself after trying it and failing at it several times. But then I found Headspace! Headspace is an app for guided meditations, but it's so much more than that. It's easy to use! The meditations by Andy...

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Loving this new Big Wool Tendency

Loving this new Big Wool Tendency

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this new big wool tendency. Gigantic knitting needles, fluffy wool everywhere and some of the most adorable quilts ever! Here are some of my personal favorites. This lovely Chunky Blanket from Bloisem. Don't you just want to wrap yourself...

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