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Looking for an extra pair of hands? Let me take some things off your plate so you can get out of overwhelm and focus on what really matters!

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Are you finally ready for your first website? Get started on the right foot with a website that can grow with your business! Built on WordPress with the Divi Theme!


I’m Sofia, I love traveling the world and spending time with my cats.

I’m a Virtual Assistant and Web Designer from Portugal. Currently, I’m road tripping across Europe with my husband and two cats.
What fires me up? Helping women entrepreneurs and small businesses own their power and grow their businesses!


I’m Sofia Garcês, I love traveling the world and squishing my cats.

I’man Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant from the Portugal but currently, I’m road tripping across Europe with my husband and two cats.
What fires me up? Helping women own their power and change the world!

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Where do you need support in your business? What’s keeping you from owning your power and reaching the next level?

Your business is changing the world for the better!

Your clients love to work with you and rave about their results.

But there are only so many hours in the day! Did you ever wish the day would have a couple of extra hours in it? Can you imagine the impact you could create? Unfortunately, time doesn’t actually stretch, but what if it could? What would you do with a couple of extra hours in your day?

I got together with Talia to help her set up her first website and social media, so she can share here amazing work with more people in the world.

“I’m someone who loves being an entrepreneur but I get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the things that “should” get done for my business to start creating an online audience and some traction in the online world. Sofia was perfect for me because she created landing pages for me on a variety of social media platforms as well as giving me some advice and direction for me to spend more time on as my business expands. Sofia made everything easier without making anything complicated. She’s a treasure for anyone who finds her and works with her.”

Talia Camozzi


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